Roger A. Price is an English author of crime thriller novels. He writes the Badge and the Pen series. Roger is a retired detective inspector, and has worked on cases involving murder, drugs, and gangs. He partially uses his experiences from his 30+ years in law enforcement in order to write his fiction, although his imagination plays a part in it as well. Roger lives in Lancashire, England, where he has lived since he was 13 years old.

Roger A. Price made his debut as a novelist in 2013 with the novel By Their Own Rules. Below is a list of Roger A. Price’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Roger A. Price Synopsis: By Their Rules is a standalone novel by Roger A. Price. A new, ruthless and implacable mastermind from Africa has surfaced in gangland, carrying out his darkest deeds in the murky grey shadows of London’s back streets. But, following the multiple slaughter of a large number of policemen by this monster, and his intention to commit further atrocious crimes, the challenge has to be met. The result is that this reign of terror is likely to have catastrophic consequences so emergency action is imperative.

Together, Lee and Burrows form a talented, resourceful, athletic team of experienced investigators who become dedicated to the eradication of this evil, yet powerful killer. But Cabilla’s awesome control of his murderous gang who torture victims to death, and his totally ruthless plans still appear to be gaining ground throughout the City…

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