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Ross Thomas (1926-1995) was an American author of crime fiction, mystery and thriller novels. He wrote the Mac McCorkle, Philip St. Ives (as Oliver Bleeck) and Arthur Case Wu series. Thomas served during World War II in the Philippines. He then worked in public relations, with the Armed Forces Network, as a union spokesman and a political strategist before finally settling on his career as an author. His thrillers would delve into the inner workings of politics. Thomas passed away due to lung cancer in Santa Monica, California. He was 69 years old.

Ross Thomas made his debut as a novelist in 1966 with the novel The Cold War Swap, beginning his Mac McCorkle series. His final published work was Ah, Treachery!, which was released in 1994. Below is a list of Ross Thomas’ books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Arthur Case Wu Books

Chinaman's Chance (1978)Description / Buy at
Out on the Rim (1987)Description / Buy at
Voodoo, Ltd. (1992)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Mac McCorkle Books

The Cold War Swap (1966)Description / Buy at
Cast a Yellow Shadow (1967)Description / Buy at
The Backup Men (1971)Description / Buy at
Twilight at Mac's Place (1990)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Philip St. Ives Books

(as Oliver Bleeck)

The Brass Go-Between (1969)Description / Buy at
The Procane Chronicle / The Thief Who Painted Sunlight (1971)Description / Buy at
Protocol for a Kidnapping (1971)Description / Buy at
The Highbinders (1973)Description / Buy at
No Questions Asked (1976)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Seersucker Whipsaw (1967)Description / Buy at
The Singapore Wink (1969)Description / Buy at
The Fools in Town Are On Our Side (1970)Description / Buy at
The Porkchoppers (1972)Description / Buy at
If You Can't Be Good (1973)Description / Buy at
Yellow-Dog Contract (1976)Description / Buy at
The Eighth Dwarf (1979)Description / Buy at
The Mordida Man (1981)Description / Buy at
Missionary Stew (1983)Description / Buy at
Briarpatch (1984)Description / Buy at
The Fourth Durango (1989)Description / Buy at
The Money Harvest (1993)Description / Buy at
Ah, Treachery! (1994)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Warriors for the Poor: The Story of VISTA, Volunteers In Service to America (With: William H. Crook) (1969)Description / Buy at
Spies, Thumbsuckers, Etc. (1989)Description / Buy at

Notes: The Philip St. Ives series was written as Oliver Bleeck. The Procane Chronicle was also published as The Thief Who Painted Sunlight. The non-fiction book Warriors for the Poor was written with William H. Crook.

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Ross Thomas Synopses: In The Singapore Wink by Ross Thomas, Edward Cauthorne is a used car salesman, but in a previous career, he was a stuntman in Hollywood. His career was cut short due to a run-in with the Mafia – a run-in that left his partner dead. But now he’s being offered $25,000 if he can find his partner alive.

In If You Can’t Be Good by Ross Thomas, while everyone has some sort of motivation, angle, grudge or scam, Deek Lewis is a would-be historian and a muckraker who must find out who set a young woman ablaze.

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