Sarah Morgenthaler is a romance author best known for writing the Moose Springs, Alaska series of books. The series began with The Tourist Attraction and continues with Mistletoe and Mr. Right and Enjoy the View.

In addition to be an author, Morgenthaler has also worked as a geologist. She also refers to herself as a cookie lover. When she’s not working on her next book, Sarah enjoys climbing and hiking.

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The Tourist Attraction is the first book in the Moose Springs, Alaska series. The book series takes place in a quirky small town that features a rogue moose and some unique locals. Graham Barnett is the owner of a diner called The Tourist Trap. When he named the place it was meant as a joke, but now the place has actually become one. He is not a big fan of the endless parade of resort visitors that are his customers. Zoey Caldwell has had a trip to Alaska on her bucket list for so long that it makes up her entire bucket list. It’s the dream and that dream comes true when she heads to Moose Springs. She instantly falls in love with the place. One day she is brought into Graham’s world and finds that there is something there behind the grumpy local facade.

The second book in the series is called Mistletoe and Mr. Right. Lana Montgomery is a socialite with dreams of changing things, something that doesn’t exactly vibe with the locals of Moose Springs. However, she is determined to prove that she belongs and sets out to find the Santa Moose. Rick Harding is having a tough couple of years, especially now that his dream girl is in town. The two end up meeting up when Lana accidentally tases him instead of the moose. He offers his help and the two will work together to catch the moose, and maybe some feelings too.

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