Sean Parnell is an American author and U.S. Army combat veteran. He is best known in the world of literature for his Eric Steele series of books that began with Man of War in 2018.

Parnell was an Army Ranger with the elite 10th Mountain Division and did a lot of fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border. He was a Captain and his leadership skills were key to making his platoon one of the most effective American fighting units. He led his men against Taliban, Haqqanni and Al Qaida fighters. Sean was wounded in action in 2006 which led to the end of his military career.

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Man of War is the first book in the Eric Steele series. The book follows Steele, one of the best operatives in U.S. intelligence, as he is assigned to a unit known as “the Program”. After a career fighting several tours in the Middle East, Steele now works under the radar using espionage and his skills to neutralize the enemy. One day, a man from Steele’s past attacks a military convey and steals a nuclear weapon. The U.S. will send Steele on a mission to hunt the rogue agent and recover the WMD before it’s too late.

Parnell followed that book up with All Out War. The book picks up after the events of the first story as Steele is drawn back into service when his home is broken into, leaving his mother injured. Steele is set to find the attackers and bring them to justice. As he looks to track the man who did this, he becomes involved in a much larger plot as a terrorist named Zakayev has escaped from a Russian prison and teamed up with Hassan Sitta to plant a bomb.

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