Stephanie Garber is an American author who burst on the scene with her debut YA novel, Caraval. The book was the first in a series of the same name and was followed up by Legendary. The books were New York Times Bestsellers and the film rights have been picked up by 20th Century Fox.

Outside of writing, Garber also works as a creative writing teacher at a private college in northern California. Between this and writing YA novels, she is quite content as before finding these careers she worked as everything from a barista to salesperson to a counselor at space camp.

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The Caraval in Caraval is a yearly, far-away performance where the audience participates. It is a huge deal in this world, but Scarlett and her sister Talla have never gotten the chance to go. They’ve been stuck on the tiny island they live on with their cruel father. Until this year when an invitation finally comes and the sisters get to go. When they get there, Tella is kidnapped, and we find that she is the focus of this year’s event. The first person to find her, wins. Scarlett knows this is “just a game”, but the stakes are all too real and she needs to find her sister or risk losing her forever.

The second novel in the series is called Legendary. The girls are back for this one and in order to win their freedom, to be truly free, they need to find out something that no one has ever been able to do before: figure out the Caraval Master Legend’s real name. Just when the girls think they are out, they realize they have a bigger challenge to get out than before and the stakes are higher than ever.

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