Stephen Kelly is the author of the popular Inspector Lamb Mysteries series of books. Kelly took his inspiration from many of the classic mystery writers when crating these characters and drew from Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Peter Robinson and others when creating this series.

Before starting writing fiction, Kelly was a newspaper man. He worked as an editor, reporter, and columnist for papers like the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post. He received his Master’s degree from John Hopkins where he also has taught writing and journalism. He now lives in Maryland with his wife and children.

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Publication Order of Inspector Lamb Books

The Language of the Dead (2015)Description / Buy at
The Wages of Desire (2016)Description / Buy at
Hushed in Death (2018)Description / Buy at

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Kelly kicked off his Inspector Lamb series with The Language of the Dead. The book introduces us to Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb as he hunts for a killer in a small English village. It is World War II and German bombers are arriving daily, but this small town has been mostly left unharmed. An elderly man is found dead with the signs of it being related to witchcraft. There is a local legend about a black dog sent from the devil who came from him, but that theory is out the window when another person ends up dead.

Another good book in the series is Hushed in Death. This book takes in the spring of 1942, deep into World War II, and Inspector Lamb is on another case. A grand estate called Elton House has been turned into a hospital for veterans. The murder of Elton House’s gardener is the case this time around and the man had quite a few enemies in town and there are plenty of suspects as to who did it. Lamb’s investigation will get him into Lamb’s life as well as the history of Elton House itself.

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