Tiffany McDaniel is an American novelist and poet. She is from Ohio, and draws from her home state as well as her Cherokee heritage in her novels. Her novel The Summer That Melted Everything earned The Guardian‘s Not the Booker Award as well as the Ohioana Reader’s Choice Award. Her second novel, Betty, also won the Ohioana Library Readers’ Choice Award as well as the Nautilus Book Award.

Tiffany McDaniel made her debut in 2016 with The Summer That Melted Everything. Below is a list of Tiffany McDaniel’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Tiffany McDaniel Synopses: The Summer That Melted Everything is the debut novel from novelist Tiffany McDaniel. In the scorching summer of 1984, Breathed, Ohio, is about to experience a series of extraordinary events that will leave an indelible mark on the town and its residents. At the center of it all is Fielding Bliss, a young boy who forms an unlikely friendship with a mysterious thirteen-year-old named Sal, who claims to be the devil himself.

Fielding, the son of a local prosecutor, takes Sal into his home, believing him to be a runaway from a nearby town. However, not everyone in Breathed is willing to welcome this self-proclaimed fallen angel with open arms. Rumors and murmurs circulate, and tensions escalate as an unrelenting heat wave grips the town, seemingly arriving alongside Sal. Strange accidents begin to occur, fueled by the feverish heat, and some townspeople start to believe that Sal might truly be who he claims to be.

While the Bliss family grapples with their own personal demons, a fanatic emerges, driving the town to the brink of catastrophe. The relentless heat amplifies the mounting tensions, pushing Breathed into a crisis that will forever alter its sleepy existence.

Betty by Tiffany McDaniel is a standalone novel. The story of Betty Carpenter unfolds in the humble beginnings of 1954 in Breathed, Ohio. Betty is born into a family of eight siblings, a product of her white mother and Cherokee father. Their existence in this rural town is marked by poverty and violence, both inflicted upon them from external forces and, tragically, from within their own family.

Despite the hardships she endures, Betty possesses a remarkable resilience. Her insatiable curiosity about the natural world, her unwavering love for her sisters, and her father’s captivating stories become the kindling that fuels her vivid imagination. In the midst of the tumultuous circumstances she bears witness to, Betty discovers a means of escape: writing.

Through the power of her words, Betty finds solace and release from the harsh realities that surround her. Her imagination takes flight, providing a sanctuary where she can explore and create worlds of her own. In the depths of her experiences, Betty uncovers a profound outlet for self-expression and self-discovery.

As Betty’s pen meets the page, her words become a testament to her resilience and her ability to find beauty and hope amidst adversity. Her writing becomes a lifeline, an escape from the challenges and traumas that shape her existence. Through her stories, Betty finds the strength to navigate a world that often feels overwhelming.

On the Savage Side is a standalone title by Tiffany McDaniel. Arcade and Daffodil, inseparable twins with vibrant red hair and an insatiable desire for escape, share a bond that is fortified by their grandmother’s enchanting tales. Within the realm of their imaginations, they construct a world that is uniquely their own, finding solace and adventure in their shared fantasies.

However, the twins cannot escape the weight of their family’s haunted past. Growing up in the shadow of their rural Ohio town, Arcade and Daffodil find solace in each other’s presence. But as they navigate the challenges of their lives, Arcade is burdened by the memories of her tumultuous early years.

When a local woman is found drowned in the river, disturbing memories resurface for Arcade. Soon, more bodies are discovered, and as her friends begin to disappear one by one, Arcade is confronted with the chilling realization that a killer is lurking in the shadows. Determined to protect herself and her sister, Arcade grapples with the painful secrets of the past while the sinister presence draws closer.

The promise Arcade made to keep herself and Daffodil safe becomes a desperate struggle for survival as she faces the merciless tide of the savage side that lurks within their town. With each passing day, the danger intensifies, and Arcade must confront her deepest fears and unravel the mysteries of her family’s history to break free from the relentless grip of the past.

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