Vivien Chien is an American author best known for her Noodle Shop Mystery series of cozy mystery books.

Chien started writing stories at a very young age as she started to write adventure stories that involved her and her classmates in elementary school. She actually attempted to write her first novel at the age of just 16. She had her struggles and bounced around genres before finding mysteries where she really seemed to find her footing. She managed to combine mysteries with her love of a good bowl of noodles for her series of books which really unlocked a whole new world of writing and a great series as well.

Publication Order of Noodle Shop Mystery Books

Death By Dumpling(2018) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price
Dim Sum of All Fears(2018) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price
Murder Lo Mein(2019) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price

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The first book in the series is Death by Dumpling which sees Lana Lee end up at the last place she ever thought she would in life: her family’s restaurant. Things get interesting when the property manager Mr. Feng is found dead shortly after getting a delivery from the restaurant. Mr. Feng received shrimp dumplings despite everyone on staff knowing he was allergic to shellfish. The whole restaurant is a suspect in what is being treated as a murder and it’s up to Lana to clear her family’s name and find the killer.

Murder Lo Mein is another great book in this series. This book sees Lana taking a greater interest in her family’s business as she enters Ho-Lee Noodle House into a competition for Cleveland’s Best Noodle. She wants to win, but when a food critic receives a threatening note in a fortune cookie and is found dead – things take a turn. Lana once again finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation and decides to take matters into her own hands to find out who sent the fortune cookie and why.

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