Archy McNally is the central character in a series of crime fiction novels by American novelist Lawrence Sanders and later by Vincent Lardo. He is the only member in a family law firm known as “Discreet Inquiries,” where he works as a private investigator.

The Archy McNally series began with McNally’s Secret in 1992. The series would run 13 novels until the last one in 2004, McNally’s Bluff. Below is a list of the Archy McNally books in order of when they were originally published (which is also their chronological order):

Publication Order of Archy McNally Books

(By: Lawrence Sanders, Vincent Lardo)

McNally's Secret(1991)Description / Buy at
McNally's Luck(1992)Description / Buy at
McNally's Risk(1993)Description / Buy at
McNally's Caper(1994)Description / Buy at
McNally's Trial(1995)Description / Buy at
McNally's Puzzle(1996)Description / Buy at
McNally's Gamble(1997)Description / Buy at
McNally's Dilemma(1999)Description / Buy at
McNally's Folly(2000)Description / Buy at
McNally's Chance(2001)Description / Buy at
McNally's Alibi(2002)Description / Buy at
McNally's Dare(2003)Description / Buy at
McNally's Bluff(2004)Description / Buy at

Notes: McNally’s Risk, McNally’s Gamble and every novel in the McNally series afterward was co-authored by Vincent Lardo.

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