The Bandy Papers is a series of comic war novels by English-Canadian novelist Donald Jack. The series follows Canadian WWI fighter ace Bartholomew Bandy. He stands at over 6′ tall, with a horseface and a high-pitched whiny voice. Because of this, most people and animals tend not to like him. The books in the series are full of humour and wordplay, but they also contain a lot of technical and historical accuracy (most of the time).

Donald Jack began his Bandy Papers series in 1962 with the novel Three Cheers for Me. The series consists of 9 novels, concluding with Stalin vs. Me in 2005. Below is a list of Donald Jack’s Bandy Papers books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of The Bandy Papers Books

Three Cheers for Me(1962)Description / Buy at
That's Me in the Middle(1973)Description / Buy at
It's Me Again(1975)Description / Buy at
Me Bandy, You Cissie(1979)Description / Buy at
Me Too(1983)Description / Buy at
This One's on Me(1988)Description / Buy at
Me So Far(1989)Description / Buy at
Hitler vs. Me(1996)Description / Buy at
Stalin vs. Me(2005)Description / Buy at

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Bandy Papers Synopses: That’s Me in the Middle by Donald Jack is the second book in the Bandy Papers series. Bartholomew Bandy is now an air ace. On the ground he causes disasters wherever he goes, but in the air he’s deadly, shooting down dozens of German planes in the course of thrilling aerial combats. To the shock of everyone who knows him he becomes Lt. Col. Bandy and thanks to his new rank he meets all sorts of people, including his fiancee’s memorable family. As a handy (but disposable) war hero, he encounters a number of hair-raising adventures, not to mention English plumbing and an unforgettable honeymoon night.

It’s Me Again is the third volume in the Bandy Papers series by Donald Jack. It may be 1918 and the war may be grinding on, but Bandy will make a difference. Now he’s in charge of his own squadron of Sopwith Dolphins, but although the hated Hun is pressing fiercely, Bandy’s prime enemy, as usual, is his own Top Brass. Unable to cope with him, the military commanders post him to Russia, where the Western powers are intervening in the Civil War. Bandy has an exciting spell with the Allied forces in Russia, fighting Bolsheviks, capturing trains, meeting Trotsky, facing Communist firing squads, and, most terrifying of all, being a love slave to the diminutive Dasha Fillipovna.

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