Blackmoore Sisters by Leighann Dobbs
The Blackmoore Sisters series is a series of paranormal/romantic/cozy mystery novels by American author Leighann Dobbs. The series follows four sisters – Fiona, Morgan, Celeste and Jolene. Each sister has a supernatural power. The sisters all live together in an old family home.

Leighann Dobbs began her Blackmoore Sisters series in 2013 with the novel Dead Wrong. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Leighann Dobbs’ Blackmoore Sisters books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Blackmoore Sisters Books

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Blackmoore Sisters Synopsis: In Dead Wrong by Leighann Dobbs (book 1 of the Blackmoore Sisters series), the Blackmoore Sisters’ house in Noquitt, Maine is full of secrets. Life is simple, until Morgan is accused of killing the town shrew, Prudence Littlefield. Now, the girls must find the real killer, while they’re up against a corrupt sheriff, evidence that’s been planted and a long list of people who would’ve wanted Prudence offed. Jake Cooper is a good looking guy who is new to the police force, and Fiona Blackmoore doesn’t trust him. But as time begins to run out, she has to trust him with her sister’s case and maybe her own heart…

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