The Brotherhood of War is a series of novels by American novelist W.E.B. Griffin. The war-themed series for the most part does not deal with the battles itself, but rather the time in-between combat. The series is set between World War II and the Vietnam War.

The series centers around four officers in the US Army – Sandy Felter, Mac MacMillan, Craig Lowell and Phil Sheridan – beginning in the 1940s. The books focus on aviation and the Special Forces.

W.E.B. Griffin wrote nine books in the Brotherhood of War series and they are listed below in order of when they were published (which also is their chronology).

Publication Order of Brotherhood Of War Books

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Brotherhood Of War Synopses: The Lieutenants is Book #1 in the Brotherhood of War series by W.E.B. Griffin. Tank commander Major Robert Bellmon is captured in Tunisia in 1943 by the Germans. The book takes place in North Africa, Germany, Greece and the USA between the years of 1942 and 1950.

The Captains is Book #2 of the Brotherhood of War novel series. US Army officers must fight in the Korean War while also dealing with their own challenges that threaten their careers. The Captains takes place solely in Korea from 1950 to 1953.

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