The Corps is a series of novels by American author W.E.B. Griffin. These war novels feature characters in the Marines, Navy and the U.S. government (with most of the focus on the Marine Corps). It takes place from around the time of World War II and the Korean War. Most of the series is set in 1942, 1943 and 1950.

The books follow a cast of characters including Major Kenneth “The Killer” McCoy, Colonel Edward C. Banning, Master Gunner Ernie Zimmerman, Major Malcolm “Pick” Pickering and Brigadier General Fleming “Flem” Picking. The Corps series started in 1986 and continued until 2004. It consists of ten books. Below is the order in which the Corps series was published:

Publication Order of The Corps Books

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The Corps Synopses: Semper Fi is Book I in The Corps series. Semper Fi is a story about the events leading up to World War II and the Marine Corps who fought in it.

Call to Arms is Book II in The Corps series by W.E.B. Griffin. It is the story of the Raiders forming after the events of Pearl Harbor.

Counterattack is Book III in The Corps book series. It’s about the States’ first counterstrike against the Japanese following Pearl Harbor.

Battleground covers the horrible events of the battle of Guadalcanal. It’s Book IV in The Corps series.

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