Charlie Moon is a fictional character created by American author James D. Doss. Charlie is the title character in a mystery series. Moon is an Ute rancher and tribal police investigator who lives on a reservation in Colorado. He uses his own deduction methods as well as his Aunt Daisy, who is a shaman.

The Charlie Moon series began in 1994 with The Shaman Sings. There is approximately one new book added annually in the series. Below is a list of James D. Doss’ Charlie Moon books in order of publication (also their chronology):

Publication Order of Charlie Moon Books

The Shaman Sings(1994)Description / Buy at
The Shaman Laughs(1995)Description / Buy at
The Shaman's Bones(1997)Description / Buy at
The Shaman's Game(1998)Description / Buy at
The Night Visitor(1999)Description / Buy at
Grandmother Spider(2001)Description / Buy at
White Shell Woman(2002)Description / Buy at
Dead Soul(2003)Description / Buy at
The Witch's Tongue(2004)Description / Buy at
Shadow Man(2005)Description / Buy at
Stone Butterfly(2006)Description / Buy at
Three Sisters(2007)Description / Buy at
Snake Dreams(2008)Description / Buy at
The Widow's Revenge(2009)Description / Buy at
A Dead Man's Tale(2010)Description / Buy at
Coffin Man(2011)Description / Buy at
The Old Gray Wolf(2012)Description / Buy at

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