Devils Guard by Eric Meyer
Devil’s Guard is a series of historical military fiction by British novelist Eric Meyer. The series follows German soldiers who were left unemployed and homeless following the defeat of Germany in 1945, now being recruited to fight in Indochina and given new identities and passports.

Eric Meyer began his Devil’s Guard series in 2010 with the novel Devil’s Guard: The Real Story. The series lasted six novels and concluded in 2012 with Devil’s Guard: Afghanistan. Below is a list of Eric Meyer’s Devil’s Guard books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Devil's Guard Books

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Devil’s Guard Synopses: Devil’s Guard: The Real Story is the tale of a Waffen-SS soldier. New identities and passports were offered to down-and-out soldiers who were willing to fight in Indochina (later known as Vietnam).

The sequel to Devil’s Guard: The Real Story is Devil’s Guard: Vietnam. The former Waffen-SS soldiers now find themselves in a new war. Following the French war in Indochina, Vietnam is born. The survivors of the Second World War have joined the French in order to help build a democracy. They must defend themselves from both the communists and Americans, and to do so, they will have to fight through the Southeast Asian jungle.

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