The Emily Kane Adventures is a series of YA action-adventure/spy fiction novels by Jacques Antoine. The protagonist, Emily Kane, is a high school student. She grew up in Virginia, learning martial arts from her father. Now, as a junior in high school, she is constantly fighting against foreign agents who want the young woman dead.

Jacques Antoine debuted the Emily Kane Adventures series in 2011 with the novel Girl Fights Back. Below is a list of Jacques Antoine’s Emily Kane Adventures books in order of when they were first released:

Publication Order of Emily Kane Adventures Books

Girl Fights Back(2011)Description / Buy at
Girl Punches Out(2012)Description / Buy at
Girl Takes Up Her Sword(2013)Description / Buy at
Girl Spins a Blade / The High Road to the Mountain Gods(2013)Description / Buy at
Girl Takes the Oath(2014)Description / Buy at
Girl Rides the Wind(2015)Description / Buy at
Girl Goes to Wudang(2017)Description / Buy at
Girl Stalks the Ruins(2018)Description / Buy at

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Emily Kane Adventures Synopses: In Girl Punches Out by Jacques Antoine (book 2 of the series), Emily Kane desperately wants to be a normal of a teenager. But events are working against her. When foreign agents force her to fight, it may not be possible to enjoy the innocent pleasures of childhood anymore.

Girl Takes Up Her Sword by Jacques Antoine is the third book in the Emily Kane Adventures series. High school graduation was never so dangerous as it is for Emily Kane. Defending herself against foreign agents is one thing, but when the threat comes from within Emily’s own family the violence rises to a new level, and the need to reconcile herself with her inner demons has never been so pressing.

Girl Spins a Blade by Jacques Antoine is a 53-page novella in the Emily Kane series. With the help of her “Granny,” Emily Kane had the strength to fight off the black-ops teams hunting her. But now she needs to find some relief from Granny, and to reconcile herself to the violence she had to unleash. She hopes to find spiritual renewal in the crowded pantheon of the hindus and Buddhists of Nepal. But the spirit of violence is not far behind her.

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