Eve Duncan is a fictional character featured in a series of suspense/thriller novels by American author Iris Johansen. Eve uses the kidnapping and murder of her daughter to help others as a forensic sculptor. Her goal is to bring closure to families who have lost their children much the same as she did years ago.

The Eve Duncan series began in 1998 with The Face of Deception. Below is a list of all of Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan books in order of when they were originally published and in chronological order:

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Publication Order of Eve Duncan Books

Note: The novels Eve, Quinn and Bonnie are considered to be the Eve Trilogy.

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Eve Duncan Synopses: The Face of Deception by Iris Johansen is the first book in the Eve Duncan series. Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor who helps identify the deceased by studying their skulls. Eve’s job is her way of coming to terms with her personal nightmare—her murdered daughter whose body has never been found. When she accepts work from billionaire John Logan, however, she faces additional terror. A face that no one was ever meant to see emerges from the skull that he has given her to reconstruct beneath her skilled hands. Eve is now entangled in a terrifying web of murder and deception. Even if Eve is buried with the truth, powerful enemies are determined to conceal it and will ensure that it dies with it.

The Killing Game is the second book in Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan series. The murderer is very familiar with Eve Duncan. He understands her grief over the disappearance of her murdered daughter Bonnie. He is aware that she will insist on identifying the nine skeletons found on a bluff near Talladega Falls in Georgia because she is one of the best forensic sculptors in the country. He is aware that she will be unable to resist the urge to believe that one of those skeletons is her daughter. But that is only the beginning of the cruel game played by the murderer. He wants to meet Eve one-on-one, and he’ll use his advantage to get her to do so. And he will not stop playing until he has won the prize he most desires: Eve’s life.

The Search by Iris Johansen is the third book in the Eve Duncan series. Sarah Patrick and her golden retriever Monty, who make up an elite K-9 search and rescue team, have a talent for finding things that no one else can. However, their most recent assignment is unlike any other. This time, Sarah is compelled to participate in a dangerous mission. by a man who has enough information about her past to get her to cooperate.

The top-secret venture of billionaire John Logan has been sabotaged, its facilities destroyed, and its carefully selected staff murdered. Ransom is being held for the sole survivor. Logan is aware that finding the man as soon as possible is the only way to save him and the secrets he holds.

When she is coerced into joining Logan in his search, Sarah becomes enraged. Even Logan’s assurances that she and Monty will be safe may not be enough to protect them once she accepts the risky assignment… because a murderer is planning a sadistic revenge… and Sarah may soon be of use to him.

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