Forerunner is a series of space opera/science fiction novels by American author Andre Norton. The Forerunners are an incomprehensible extinct race of aliens who exist only in artefacts. The series is connected to Norton’s Janus and Dipple series.

Andre Norton began her Forerunner series in 1960 with the novel Storm Over Warlock. The series lasted five novels, concluding in 1985 with The Second Venture. Below is a list of Andre Norton’s Forerunner books in order of when they were first released:

Publication Order of Forerunner Books

Storm Over Warlock(1960)Description / Buy at
Ordeal In Otherwhere(1964)Description / Buy at
Forerunner(1971)Description / Buy at
Forerunner Foray(1973)Description / Buy at
The Second Venture(1985)Description / Buy at

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