Gothic Saga by Joyce Carol Oates
The Gothic Saga is a series of gothic novels by American author Joyce Carol Oates. The books are very complex and build slowly throughout and don’t reveal the final piece of the puzzle until the books near their conclusions. Although published years apart, Oates wrote all of the novels in the early 80s.

Joyce Carol Oates began her Gothic Saga in 1980 with the novel Bellefleur. The series lasted four novels and a short story collection, concluding in 2013 with The Accursed. Below is a list of Joyce Carol Oates’ Gothic Saga books in order of when they were first published:

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Publication Order of The Gothic Saga Books

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Gothic Quintet Synopsis: Bellefleur is the first novel in Joyce Carol Oates’ Gothic Saga. The Bellefleurs live in a large New York State mansion on Lake Noir. They own a lot of land and run businesses, employing their neighbours and of course influencing the government. Among them are millionaires, a murderer, a spiritual seeker and other such eccentrics. The novel follows several generations of this family. The patriarch is Gideon Bellefleur, who has passed his psychic abilities onto one of his three children he has with his wife, Leah.

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