The Haggerty Mysteries series is a series of LDS-themed mystery/suspense novels by American novelist Betsy Brannon Green. In this series, Kate Singleton has gone through a life-altering tragedy, while at the same time having a contract out on her life. She must change everything about her life – not that there was much left.

Betsy Brannon Green began her Haggerty Mysteries series in 2001 with the novel Hearts in Hiding. Below is a list of Betsy Brannon Green’s Haggerty Mysteries books in order of when they were originally published (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Haggerty Mystery Books

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Haggerty Mysteries Synopsis: Hearts in Hiding is the first book in the Haggerty Mysteries series by Betsy Brannon Green. What Kate Singleton is feeling goes beyond simple words such as devastation, betrayal, self-pity, and anger. She had been married just over a year, with a baby on the way, when Kate learns that her husband, and FBI agent, is dead. To top it off, the same people who murdered her husband also want her dead. With the help of the FBI, Kate flees with little more that the clothes on her back. And in no time at all, they provide her with new clothes, a new home, a new name, and… a new husband.

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