Inspector Appleby by Michael Innes
Inspector Appleby is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by Scottish novelist Michael Innes (James Innes Mackinstosh Stewart). Sir John Appleby starts out as a detective inspector with Scotland Yard. As time passes, he moves up the ranks of the outfit.

Michael Innes began his Inspector Appleby series in 1936 with the novel Death at the President’s Lodging. The series includes 32 novels and 4 short story collections. The last novel in the series is Appleby and the Ospreys, published in 1986. In 2010, 18 uncollected stories were released in the collection Appleby Talks About Crime. Below is a list of Michael Innes’ Inspector Appleby books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Inspector Appleby Books

Death at the President's Lodging / Seven Suspects(1936)Description / Buy at
Hamlet, Revenge!(1937)Description / Buy at
Lament for a Maker(1938)Description / Buy at
Stop Press / The Spider Strikes(1939)Description / Buy at
The Secret Vanguard(1940)Description / Buy at
There Came Both Mist and Snow / A Comedy of Terrors(1940)Description / Buy at
Appleby on Ararat(1941)Description / Buy at
The Daffodil Affair(1942)Description / Buy at
The Weight of the Evidence(1943)Description / Buy at
Appleby's End(1945)Description / Buy at
A Night of Errors(1948)Description / Buy at
Operation Pax / The Paper Thunderbolt(1951)Description / Buy at
A Private View / One-Man Show / Murder Is an Art(1952)Description / Buy at
Appleby Plays Chicken / Death On a Quiet Day(1957)Description / Buy at
The Long Farewell(1958)Description / Buy at
Hare Sitting Up(1959)Description / Buy at
Silence Observed(1961)Description / Buy at
A Connoisseur's Case / The Crabtree Affair(1962)Description / Buy at
The Bloody Wood(1966)Description / Buy at
Appleby At Allington / Death By Water(1968)Description / Buy at
A Family Affair / Picture of Guilt(1969)Description / Buy at
Death at the Chase(1970)Description / Buy at
An Awkward Lie(1971)Description / Buy at
The Open House(1972)Description / Buy at
Appleby's Answer(1973)Description / Buy at
Appleby's Other Story(1974)Description / Buy at
The Gay Phoenix(1976)Description / Buy at
The Ampersand Papers(1978)Description / Buy at
Sheiks and Adders(1982)Description / Buy at
Appleby and Honeybath(1983)Description / Buy at
Carson's Conspiracy(1984)Description / Buy at
Appleby and the Ospreys(1986)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Inspector Appleby Collections

Appleby Talking / Dead Man's Shoes(1954)Description / Buy at
Appleby Talks(1954)Description / Buy at
Appleby Talks Again(1956)Description / Buy at
Appleby Intervenes(1965)Description / Buy at
The Appleby File(1975)Description / Buy at
Appleby Talks About Crime(2010)Description / Buy at

Notes: Death at the President’s Lodging was also published as Seven Suspects. Stop Press was also titled The Spider Strikes. There Came Both Mist and Snow was also known as A Comedy of Terrors. Operation Pax was also released as The Paper Thunderbolt. A Private View was also published under the titles of One-Man Show and Murder is an Art. Appleby Plays Chicken was also known as Death on a Quiet Day. A Connoisseur’s Case was also titled The Crabtree Affair. Appleby at Allington was also published under the title Death by Water. A Family Affair was also released under the title Picture of Guilt. Appleby Talking was also known as Dead Man’s Shoes.

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Inspector Appleby Synopsis: The first novel to feature Sir John Appleby is Death at the President’s Lodging by Michael Innes. When the president of St. Anthony’s College is found dead – murdered – in his lodging, Inspector Appleby is called in. It is soon apparent that the only people who had motive to kill him are the only ones who had the opportunity. His lodging is locked at night, and the only ones with keys are the Fellows.

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