Inspector Thomas Lynley is a character featured in a series of mystery novels by American author Elizabeth George. Inspector Lynley is the 8th Earl of Asherton. Lynley and his partner Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers are with Scotland Yard. Several of the Inspector Lynley novels have been adapted for the BBC series The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

The Inspector Lynley book series began in 1988 with A Great Deliverance. Below is the order of Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley books in order of when they were originally released (as well as in chronological order):

Publication Order of Inspector Lynley Books

A Great Deliverance (1988) |
Payment in Blood (1989) |
Well-Schooled in Murder (1989) |
A Suitable Vengeance (1991) |
For the Sake of Elena (1992) |
Missing Joseph (1992) |
Playing for the Ashes (1994) |
In the Presence of the Enemy (1996) |
Deception on His Mind (1997) |
In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (1999) |
A Traitor to Memory (2001) |
A Place of Hiding (2003) |
With No One as Witness (2005) |
What Came Before He Shot Her (2006) |
Careless in Red (2008) |
This Body of Death (2010) |
Believing the Lie (2012) |
Just One Evil Act (2013) |
A Banquet of Consequences (2015) |
The Punishment She Deserves (2018) |
Something to Hide (2021) |
A Suitable Vengeance is a prequel novel in the Inspector Lynley series and should be read before A Great Deliverance when reading the novels in chronological order.

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8 Responses to “Order of Inspector Lynley Books”

  1. pippin2: 3 years ago

    I just finished “A Banquet of Consequences” and was very disappointed in it..the story line was not something I cared for but it did fit in with some of today’s culture. Her earlier books were so much better and am hesitant to read her latest.


  2. Hazel Marie Graves: 6 years ago

    What is the true order of this series? Please Because I am reading it right now. And I have no clue what the actual order is.


  3. barbarap: 7 years ago

    As others noted, this is not in order. I just started the series and finished with Well Schooled Murder. Opened Suitable Vengeance and went back a few books.


    • Hazel Marie Graves: 6 years ago

      Couild you please tell me what order to read the Inspector Lynley series? I am reading it right now but I have no clue which book goes first.


  4. puzzled: 7 years ago

    Which book did Havers fire a gun at a senior officer.


    • Janette Kok: 2 years ago

      Deception on His Mind


  5. john hoffman: 8 years ago

    Unless I’m missing something, “A Suitable Vengeance” is chronologically prior to all the other novels in the series, despite being the fourth published.


    • Brandon: 8 years ago

      You’re right. Thank you!


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