The IQ series by Joe Ide is a series of private investigator mysteries following Isaiah Quintabe, is a very smart kid nicknamed IQ, solving mysteries in one of Los Angeles’ toughest neighborhoods. The series began in 2016 with the release of IQ. The debut novel went on to win the Anthony, Macavity, and Shamus Awards. It was also nominated for an Edgar Award.

The series has drawn comparisons to the great Sherlock Holmes as IQ uses deducing to solve his crimes. It’s not about DNA or fingerprints, but about putting together clues. This allows the reader to solve the crime along with IQ, if they can.

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IQ starts in East Long Beach where the crime rate is high, murders go unsolved, and lost children are never found. The LAPD doesn’t seem to care so IQ takes it upon himself to solve the cases that the police can’t or won’t. Isaiah Quintabe is a high school dropout, but he has incredible intelligence. He only charges his clients what they can afford, even accepting food as payment, so sometimes he takes on bigger clients to pay the bills. A rap mogul is one of those clients as he believes his life is in danger. His assumptions are correct and the deeper IQ digs in the case, the more his life becomes in danger as well.

The second book in the IQ series is Righteous. Ten years ago, Isaiah’s brother was killed and the case has haunted him ever since. The lack of finding answers nearly destroyed his life and now he’s on the hunt again. The search takes him to Las Vegas where he’ll need to find a DJ and her boyfriend before Chinese gangsters do. Failure is not an option in this one and finding the mastermind behind his brother’s death will lead him to his own version of the sinister Moriarty.

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