Jack Frost by RD Wingfield
Detective Inspector Jack Frost is the central character in a series of crime fiction novels by English author R.D. Wingfield. Jack Frost is horrible with the paperwork side of detective work, but he excels at going out and solving mysteries. The series was adapted to radioplays and an ITV television series called A Touch of Frost (where he was portrayed by David Jason).

R.D. Wingfield began his D.I. Jack Frost series in 1984 with the novel Frost at Christmas. The series consists of six novels, concluding in 2008 with the novel A Killing Frost. Following that, James Henry took over the series. Below is a list of R.D. Wingfield’s D.I. Jack Frost novels in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of DI Jack Frost Books

Publication Order of Detective Jack Frost Prequel Books

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D.I. Jack Frost Synopses: A Touch of Frost is the second book in R.D. Wingfield’s D.I. Jack Frost. Denton isn’t used to a crime wave like this, but now it is being overcome by one. A strip club has been robbed, a local MP is a suspect in a hit-and-run and a serial rapist is on the loose. Frost begins to feel the pressure, but he is able to convince his bosses that everything is fine. But is it?

Night Frost is the third book in the Detective Inspector Jack Frost series by R.D. Wingfield. Denton’s senior citizens are being terrorized by a serial killer, and the police are suffering from the flu. The police also have to deal with a seemingly normal couple receiving death threats and arson attacks. There is also a questionable suicide, burglaries, poison pen letters. Detective Inspector Jack Frost must deal with all of these crimes as they pile up, and so he must cut corners and take risks. But of course, things always tend to go wrong…

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