The Jack McClure/Alli Carson books are a spy fiction series by American novelist Eric Van Lustbader. The books feature ATF agent Jack McClure and Alli Carson, daughter of President-elect Edward Carson.

The series starts off with Alli Carson being a kidnap victim, but as the series progresses, she will be working side-by-side with Special Agent Jack McClure. The Jack McClure/Alli Carson series is a new series that only started in 2008 with First Daughter. Since that time, author Eric Van Lustbader has written two more installments to the series – Last Snow and Blood Trust.

Below is the order in which the Jack McClure/Alli Carson novels were published in:

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Publication Order of Jack McClure/Alli Carson Books

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Jack McClure / Alli Carson Synopsis: First Daughter is the first in the McClure/Carson series by author Eric Van Lustbader. In it, the 19 year-old daughter of the president-elect is kidnapped a month before he is set to take the oath. Special Agent Jack McClure is picked to find her, due to the fact she was the roommate of his daughter.

Last Snow is second in the McClure/Carson series by Eric Van Lustbader. A U.S. sentator is found dead on an island in Europe and Jack McClure is asked to investigate. He must set out to Moscow and Eastern Europe and investigate a slew of corrupt politicians and criminals. With him, he has First Daughter Alli McClure and a rogue Russian agent, who don’t quite get along too well. Jack suffers from dyslexia, which helps him complete tasks others cannot. Can Jack cut through the red tape of corruption and solve the mystery behind the senator’s death?

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