Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are fictional creations of author David Baldacci. The characters initially meet up in Split Second. Michelle Maxwell made a mistake that cost her a career in the Secret Service. Sean King is also an ex Secret Service agent, making a mistake many years earlier. The two end up meeting up, find a lot in common, and start uncovering conspiracies and cover-ups involved in their cases.

The Sean King & Michelle Maxwell series started with Split Second in 2003. Since then, Baldacci has added four more books to the series.

The order of the Sean King & Michelle Maxwell series of novels is:

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Publication Order of Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Books

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Sean King / Michelle Maxwell Synopsis: Split Second is the first novel of David Baldacci’s Sean King/Michelle Maxwell series. In Sean King’s case, it only takes a split second’s loss of focus to cost a man his life, thus ending his career. When almost the same thing happens to Michelle Maxwell, she believes there to be a link between the two incident. And the more she finds out, the more she is convinced.

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    I just started listening to first family on audible, and it starts with a murder of a first family sister in law and a kidnapping of a 12 year old. I feel like I am missing part of the book???


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