Joe Grey Mysteries by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
The Joe Grey series is a series of mystery novels by American novelist Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Joe Grey is a feline detective based out of the fictional Bay Area town of Molena Point, California.

Shirley Rousseau Murphy began her Joe Grey Mysteries series in 1996 with the novel Cat on the Edge. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Joe Grey books in order of when they were first released (which is also their chronological order):

Publication Order of Joe Grey Books

Cat on the Edge(1996)Description / Buy at
Cat Under Fire(1996)Description / Buy at
Cat Raise the Dead(1997)Description / Buy at
Cat in the Dark(1998)Description / Buy at
Cat To The Dogs(1999)Description / Buy at
Cat Spitting Mad(2000)Description / Buy at
Cat Laughing Last(2001)Description / Buy at
Cat Seeing Double(2003)Description / Buy at
Cat Fear No Evil(2004)Description / Buy at
Cat Cross Their Graves(2005)Description / Buy at
Cat Breaking Free(2005)Description / Buy at
Cat Deck the Halls(2007)Description / Buy at
Cat Pay the Devil(2007)Description / Buy at
Cat Playing Cupid(2009)Description / Buy at
Cat Striking Back(2009)Description / Buy at
Cat on the Money(2010)Description / Buy at
Cat Coming Home(2010)Description / Buy at
Cat Telling Tales(2011)Description / Buy at
Cat Bearing Gifts(2012)Description / Buy at
Cat Shout for Joy(2016)Description / Buy at
Cat Shining Bright(2018)Description / Buy at
Cat Chase the Moon(2018)Description / Buy at

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5 Responses to “Order of Joe Grey Books”

  1. Maggie Brinks: 10 months ago

    I bought the first book by chance (I am a crazy cat lady), not sure if talking cats would be too unrealistic for me, but I got completely hooked, I have the entire series and they are my all-time favourites. Currently I am re-reading the series for the 3rd or 4th time, enjoying them as much as the first time and know I will read them all again


  2. Lora Peters: 2 years ago

    Your books have captured my imagination and enriched my life. Thank you a million times over.


  3. theresia Maria Geering: 3 years ago

    Hello Ms.Murphy, I sincerely hope your health has improved. I know your health has been bad lately, but I dearly love Joe Gray, and I was sooo hoping that they are continuing. Is there any chance ? Thanks a lot Theres


  4. Susan: 3 years ago

    The author is 93 years old and is in poor health.


  5. Steve: 3 years ago

    I loved the Joe Grey mysteries. Why did they suddenly stop?


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