Josiah Reynolds by Abigail Keam
Josiah Reynolds is the protagonist in a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Abigail Keam. The series follows Josiah Reynolds, a middle-aged Southern woman who is a beekeeper by trade and sells honey at the Farmer’s Market in order to help make ends meet. Although the series are standalone, there is an overarching saga that connects the books together. The series is set in Lexington, Kentucky.

Abigail Keam began her Josiah Reynolds series in 2010 with the novel Death by a Honeybee. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Abigail Keam’s Josiah Reynolds books in order of when they were originally released (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Josiah Reynolds Mysteries Books

Death by a HoneyBee(2010)Description / Buy at
Death by Drowning(2011)Description / Buy at
Death by Bridle(2012)Description / Buy at
Death by Bourbon(2012)Description / Buy at
Death by Lotto(2013)Description / Buy at
Death by Chocolate(2013)Description / Buy at
Death by Haunting(2014)Description / Buy at
Death by Derby(2015)Description / Buy at
Death by Design(2016)Description / Buy at
Death by Malice(2017)Description / Buy at
Death by Drama(2018)Description / Buy at
Death by Stalking(2019)Description / Buy at
Death by Deceit(2019)Description / Buy at
Death by Magic(2020)Description / Buy at
Death by Shock(2021)Description / Buy at
Death By Chance(2021)Description / Buy at
Death By Poison(2022)Description / Buy at
Death By Greed(2023)Description / Buy at
Death By Theft(2023)Description / Buy at
Death By Betrayal(2024)Description / Buy at

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Josiah Reynolds Mysteries Synopsis: In Death by a Honeybee by Abigail Keam (book 1 of the series), beekeeper Josiah Reynolds is trying to earn some more money selling honey. But then her life is flipped upside down when a body is found in her own beeyard, and then it’s discovered that the body belongs to a rival of hers. This makes Josiah the prime suspect. Fighting an unknown enemy in the glamorous world of Thoroughbreds, oak-cured bourbon and antebellum mansions, Josiah must find out the truth in a place known for its secrets.

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