Mark Treasure by David Williams
Mark Treasure is the protagonist in a series of crime fiction novels by British novelist David Williams. Mark Treasure is a graduate of Jesus College, Oxford and works as a merchant banker, but is also a sleuth on the side. He is married to a successful actress, Molly.

David Williams began his Mark Treasure series in 1976 with his first novel, Unholy Writ. The series lasted 17 novels with the final one being Banking on Murder in 1993. Below is a list of David Williams’ Mark Treasure books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Mark Treasure Books

Unholy Writ(1976)Description / Buy at
Treasure by Degrees(1977)Description / Buy at
Treasure Up in Smoke(1980)Description / Buy at
Murder for Treasure(1981)Description / Buy at
Copper, Gold and Treasure(1982)Description / Buy at
Treasure Preserved(1983)Description / Buy at
Advertise for Treasure(1984)Description / Buy at
Murder in Advent(1985)Description / Buy at
Wedding Treasure(1985)Description / Buy at
Treasure in Roubles(1987)Description / Buy at
Divided Treasure(1988)Description / Buy at
Treasure in Oxford(1988)Description / Buy at
Holy Treasure!(1989)Description / Buy at
Prescription for Murder(1990)Description / Buy at
Treasure by Post(1991)Description / Buy at
Planning On Murder(1992)Description / Buy at
Banking on Murder(1993)Description / Buy at

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Mark Treasure Synopses: Advertise for Treasure by David Williams is the seventh book in the Mark Treasure series. The 2 million pound takeover bid for London advertising agency RTB is not without its strings attached. An American buyer, his two partners, RTB’s biggest client, a devious company broker, and the head of a rival agency are all involved, and Mark Treasure can’t accept the coroner’s verdict when one of them dies.

Treasure in Roubles by David Williams is the tenth book featuring Mark Treasure. On a trip to Leningrad, Mark Treasure expects to enjoy the culture and endure the tedium of packaged travel, but 13 varied companions, a stolen painting and a spectacular murder make the trip a lot less tedious. Treasure teams up with an endearingly cynical KGB colonel.

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  1. dianmari: 4 years ago

    Charming series of cozies, seem to be anchored in an earlier time than the publishing dates. I might try Inspector Parry as suggested but would recommend the John Putnam Thatcher series – a USA merchant banker this time, bigger stage but dramatis personae are all there.


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