Matt Helm by Donald Hamilton
Matt Helm is the lead character in a series of spy thriller novels by American author Donald Hamilton. Helm works as a U.S. government counter-agent – his job is to take care of enemy agents by whatever means necessary. Several of the books (The Silencers, Murderer’s Row, The Ambushers and The Wrecking Crew) were made into a film series starring Dean Martin. There was also a short-lived ABC TV series in 1975.

Donald Hamilton began his Matt Helm series in 1960 with the novel Death of a Citizen. Thus far, the final novel to be published in the series is The Damagers, which was the 27th novel and was published in 1993. One more novel in the series exists and is currently unpublished. Below is a list of Donald Hamilton’s Matt Helm books in order of when they were originally published (which is aslo their chronological order):

Publication Order of Matt Helm Books

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Matt Helm Synopsis: In Death of a Citizen by Donald Hamilton (book 1 of the Matt Helm series), Matt Helm is a former special agent during the World War II. He has left his violent career behind in order to live a normal family life in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But when a former colleague gone bad kidnaps his daughter, Helm must go back to his old life as an assassin.

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  1. lloyd W ZOLLWEG: 2 years ago

    love matt hrlm series and reread many many times
    ilike yhem better thn th bond deries


  2. John Wayne Peel: 8 years ago

    Loved these books. Read them in high school,(in the early 1960’s) but STILL love James Bond books best.


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