Myron Bolitar is the fictional character created by author Harlan Coben. Coben, famous for his various standalone novels and plot twists, also has the popular recurring character Myron Bolitar, who is the lead character in various Coben novels.

Bolitar is an investigator, sports agent and former professional basketball player. Below is a list of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar books in order of when they were originally published (and in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Myron Bolitar Books

Publication Order of Mickey Bolitar Books

Publication Order of Windsor Horne Lockwood III Books

Important Note: After reading Live Wire, before moving onto Home be sure to read the Mickey Bolitar series. Mickey is Myrons nephew and there is some important storylines that affect Home. It’s more of a young adult series but just trust us on this one – it’s a great read and will save confusion when you read Home.

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Publication Order of Mickey Bolitar Books

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Myron Bolitar Synopses: Deal Breaker is the first Myron Bolitar novel from Harlan Coben. Myron Bolitar, a sports agent, is just out of the big time. Christian Steele, a rookie quarterback who is also a coveted client of Myron, is the same way. The deal begins to deteriorate, however, when Christian receives a phone call from a former girlfriend, a woman that everyone, including the police, believes to be deceased. Myron is up against the dark side of his business, where image and talent can make you rich, but the truth can make you die, as he tries to uncover the truth about a man’s lies, a woman’s secret, and a family’s tragedy.

Drop Shot by Harlan Coben is the second Myron Bolitar novel. Valerie Simpson is a young tennis star with a troubled past who wants Myron as her agent and is about to make a comeback. Myron is overjoyed to have Duane Richwood, the hottest young male tennis player, poised to win his first grand slam tournament. That is, until Valerie is killed in broad daylight at the U.S. Open, making Myron’s top client the top suspect.

It ought to be simple enough to clear Duane’s name. When Valerie passed away, Duane was involved in a match. Even though he claims to have only briefly known Valerie, why is his phone number listed in her black book? Why was she calling him from a street telephone booth? Once the police attribute the murder to a man who is known to have stalked Valerie and been seen talking to her prior to the incident, they stop caring. However, Myron is not content. He seems to find it too neat.

Myron digs a little deeper and finds himself digging into the past. Six years earlier, Valerie’s fiancee, the son of a senator, had been brutally murdered by a juvenile delinquent, and a straight-A student had been shot dead on the street in retaliation, and his death had been lost in bureaucratic files. Additionally, Myron ought to stop digging, as do the Senator and the mob.

The unspoken truth is not only perilous, but also fatal. To make matters worse, Myron may be the next victim.

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  1. Clareene: 3 years ago

    I see that these comments are from a few years ago but would like to comment anyway. I’ve been reading Myron Series in order (of course) and just finished ‘Win’. So I was a little disappointed to learn that Myron was retired. I liked the ‘Win’ book very much anyway. Especially since in my mind’s eye Win is Val Kilmer! Looking forward to more. Glad I saw the side trip of reading about Mickey Bolitar. I feel like I am on track for some great reading…


  2. Ramona DiBartolo Manginelli: 7 years ago

    I am so confused. I just finished Book 10, Live Wire. Myron’s brother was supposed to be dead. Now, in the beginning of this new book it says his brother has come back and is taking care of his own son and that Myron has asked him to be his best man. WHAT???? Can someone please help me here? What did I miss?


    • Graeme: 7 years ago


      I’ll have to add a note to this listing about that.

      In between Live Wire and Home, Coben wrote the Mickey Bolitar trilogy. It’s 3 books long. This covers his investigation into his fathers death and what exactly happened. Very confusing I know – not sure why Coben did it this way.


  3. Crazy Eyes: 9 years ago

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.


  4. Toast: 10 years ago

    WTF are you talking about? A. It’s Mickey bolitar in the kids books! B. What does Gabriel all on have to do with myron?


  5. Laraine Lanaghan: 11 years ago

    I love Myron Bolitar. why has he been thrown aside to appear in a kids crime book, Not fair


  6. Jsouza: 12 years ago

    I love Gabriel Allon.He is amazing at the spy and executiongame.I have learned alot about the execution of the Jewish people and just how horrible it was.It really gives a person a new insight obout the Jewish deaths and how the Germans thought so little of a human life and just how greedy the germans were and just concentrated on what they could steal paintings, jewelry and anthing of value, except lives.


    • Caydence James: 8 years ago

      What? I think you posted this on the wrong page.


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