Linwood Barclay is a U.S.-born Canadian author, who has risen in fame due to a variety of incredible standalone novels.

Barclay first started writing the “Zack Walker” series which spawned four books, however his real skills are shown in the series of books following that. Loosely connected in every form of the phrase, the Linwood Barclay series of standalone books capture you from the first chapter, and are fantastic fictional mysteries.

Seriously, read these books.

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Too Close to Home (2008) |
Fear the Worst (2009) |
Never Look Away (2010) |
Trust Your Eyes (2011) |
The Accident (2011) |
A Tap on the Window (2013) |
A Noise Downstairs (2018) |
Elevator Pitch (2019) |
Find You First (2021) |

Publication Order of Promise Falls Books

Broken Promise (2015) |
Final Assignment (2015) |
Far From True (2016) |
The Twenty-Three (2016) |
Parting Shot (2017) |

Publication Order of No Time For Goodbye Books

No Time for Goodbye (2007) |
No Safe House (2014) |

Publication Order of Zack Walker Books

Bad Move (2004) |
Bad Guys (2005) |
Lone Wolf (2006) |
Stone Rain / Bad News (2007) |

Publication Order of Keisha Ceylon Books

Never Saw It Coming (2010) |
Clouded Vision (2010) |

Publication Order of Chase Books

Chase (2017) |
Escape (2018) |

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

(with Raymond Khoury)

Pit Stop: Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber (With: Raymond Khoury) (2015) |
Jacket Man (2016) |

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Father Knows Zilch: A Guide for Dumbfounded Dads (1996) |
Mike Harris Made Me Eat My Dog (1998) |
This House is Nuts: Surviving the Absurdities of Everyday Life (1998) |
Last Resort : A Memoir (2000) |

Publication Order of Raymond Khoury Short Stories/Novellas

(with Raymond Khoury)

Pit Stop: Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber (With: Raymond Khoury) (2015) |

Publication Order of Anthologies

FaceOff(2014) |
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight(2020) |

Notes: Stone Rain was also published as Bad News. The short story Pit Stop is written with Raymond Khoury.

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12 Responses to “Order of Linwood Barclay Books”

  1. Gary Maxwell: 3 months ago

    Read most of Linwood books …. Great

    Would recommend you try Peter James as well. He has the “ Inspector grace” series. But also some great standalone novels


  2. Steve: 4 years ago

    Linwood Barkley was born in Darien CT He is an American not Canadian; Just resides in Canada.


    • Brandon: 4 years ago

      He moved to Canada when he was 4. I would say that’s pretty Canadian. (I didn’t write this bio, but if I ever have much doubt, I usually leave out nationalities.)


  3. Brenda Bones: 4 years ago

    I just started reading Linwood Barclays books. I love how he intertwines characters to make the mystery more complex.


  4. angie 21: 5 years ago

    Have read all his stand alone novels and the Promise Falls trilogy. Cannot wait for them to be published quick enough.


  5. Caydence James: 6 years ago

    I think the town is called “Promise Falls”, not “Primrose Falls”. Is the name of the town different in books sold in Canada and England?


    • Graeme: 6 years ago

      Thanks Caydence it was a typo – fixed now 🙂


      • Caydence James: 6 years ago

        Oh cool! Thanks for the update! I was actually beginning to think that Mr Barclay had different versions in publication for different countries! You’ve just prevented a full on search for the other version! Lol!!!


  6. jan: 8 years ago

    I am reading linwood barclay’s “Trust your eyes” and find it very interesting how he can keep the story going with multiple character stories all involved in same mystery. Have to force myself to put it down and take a break..


    • DealerDan: 8 years ago

      Is that the first of his you have read?


  7. stevej666: 8 years ago

    This is out of date please update he has a new one coming next week


    • Caydence James: 6 years ago

      It’s not like someone is standing there “at the ready” with their whole life dedicated to updating this list. As you can see, this was updated soon after the book actually came out (which is smart because there’s a chance that a book could be pushed back). I know he’s a great author but it’s not reasonable to expect them to update something if it hasn’t happened yet. LOL!


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