Nick McIver: Adventures Through Time is a series of books for young adults by American author Ted Bell.

The first Nick McIver book was Nick of Time, which was given the Best of the Best award by the Chicago Public Library. Its sequel, The Time Pirate, was given even more prestigious accolades by debuting at #6 on the New York Times Bestseller List for Children. Below is a list of Nick McIver novels in order of when they were published:

Publication Order of Nick McIver Adventures Through Time Books

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Nick McIver Synopsis: The first book of the series, Nick of Time, takes place in England in the year 1939. Nick and sister Kate live in a lighthouse on the Channel Islands. They must assist their father in trying to gain information for Winston Churchill to warn England of the upcoming Nazi invasion. One day, Nick discovers a chest and finds a time machine inside it, left for him by an ancestor. With it, he travels to 1805 to assist his grandfather and other British soldiers from the French.

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