Alexander Hawke is a character by author Ted Bell featured in a series of spy thriller novels.

The Alex Hawke character first appeared in the 2003 novel Hawke and has most recently appeared in the 2010 novel Warlord, which centers around the 1979 murder of Lord Mountbatten and a vendetta against the British Royal Family. Below is a list of Ted Bell’s Alex Hawke novels in order of when they were published:

Publication Order of Alexander Hawke Books

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Alexander Hawke Synopses: In Assassin – the second Alex Hawke novel by Ted Bell – Hawke is getting married. The ceremony goes off without a hitch. Immediately afterward, however, she is shot dead. Alex must find his wife’s killer, but that’s only half of the villains he must stop in the second part of the Alexander Hawke series.

The fourth Alexander Hawke thriller novel by author Ted Bell is titled Spy. In it, Alex Hawke – along with a friend as well as a Scotland Yard inspector – must stop Al Qaeda as well as settle some differences between Mexico and the United States over immigration.

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