Night Stalkers by ML Buchman
The Night Stalkers is a series of romantic suspense novels by American novelist M.L. Buchman. The series is based on the real life U.S. Army Regiment known as SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment). The series spins off into Buchman’s Firehawks series.

M.L. Buchman began his Night Stalkers series in 2012 with the novel The Night is Mine. The series is currently ongoing. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone and read in any order. Below is a list of M.L. Buchman’s Night Stalkers books in order of when they were first released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Night Stalkers Books

The Night is Mine(2010)Description / Buy at
I Own the Dawn(2012)Description / Buy at
Wait Until Dark(2013)Description / Buy at
Take Over at Midnight(2013)Description / Buy at
Light Up the Night(2014)Description / Buy at
Bring on the Dusk(2015)Description / Buy at
By Break of Day(2016)Description / Buy at
Flying Above the Hindu Kush(2019)Description / Buy at
Sweet Tooth(2020)Description / Buy at
Emily's First Flight(2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night Stalkers Short Stories/Novellas

Ghost of Willow's Past(2014)Description / Buy at
Man the Guns, My Mate(2014)Description / Buy at
Heart of the Storm(2015)Description / Buy at
Beale's Hawk Down(2015)Description / Buy at
Flight to Fight(2015)Description / Buy at
Circle 'round(2017)Description / Buy at
First Day, Every Day(2017)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night Stalkers CSAR Books

Swiftwater Rescue(1970)Description / Buy at
NSDQ(2015)Description / Buy at
Dawn Flight(2015)Description / Buy at
Night and Day(2015)Description / Buy at
Guardian of the Heart(2017)Description / Buy at
Love in a Copper Light(2017)Description / Buy at
Just Shy of a Dream(2018)Description / Buy at
Team Black Sheep(2020)Description / Buy at
Survive Until the Final Scene(2020)Description / Buy at
Storm's Gift(2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night Stalkers: 5E Books

Target of the Heart(2015)Description / Buy at
Target Lock On Love(2015)Description / Buy at
Target of Mine(2017)Description / Buy at
Target of One's Own(2019)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Future Night Stalkers Books

The Sword of Io(2014)Description / Buy at
Night Rescue(2015)Description / Buy at
Second Chance Rescue(2015)Description / Buy at
Heart's Refuge(2015)Description / Buy at
Mirror-Moon Light, Mirror-Moon Bright(2015)Description / Buy at
They Taught Us Wrong(2015)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night Stalkers Wedding Stories Books

Emily's Wedding(2017)Description / Buy at
Kee's Wedding(2017)Description / Buy at
Connie's Wedding(2018)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night Stalkers White House Books

Daniel's Christmas(2012)Description / Buy at
Frank's Independence Day(2013)Description / Buy at
Peter's Christmas(2013)Description / Buy at
Zachary's Christmas(2015)Description / Buy at
Roy's Independence Day(2016)Description / Buy at
Damien's Christmas(2016)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night Stalkers Non-Fiction Books

The Night Stalkers Special Features(2014)Description / Buy at

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Night Stalkers Synopsis: The Night is Mine is the first book in M.L. Buchman’s Night Stalkers series. Captain Emily Beale must go undercover as an executive pilot in order to prevent the assassination of the First Lady. Along with her is Major Mark Henderson, who is undercover as her wealthy ex-merc boyfriend. Their jobs are high risk, high reward. They must protect the lives of the powerful and the elite at all cost. Neither expected that one kiss could distract them from their mission. But as the passion mounts between them, their lives and their hearts will both be risked… and the reward this time may well be worth it.

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