The Patchwork Mysteries is a cozy mystery series written by various authors, published by Guideposts. The protagonist in the series is a quilter named Sarah Hart.

The Patchwork Mysteries series began in 2010 with Family Patterns. The various authors who work on this series include Kristin Eckhardt, Jo Ann Brown, Vera Dodge, Cara Putman, Kelly Ann Riley, Susan Page Davis and Camy Tang. Below is a list of the Patchwork Mysteries books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Patchwork Mysteries Books

Family Patterns (By: Kristin Eckhardt)(2010)Description / Buy at
Time to Share (By: Jo Ann Brown)(2010)Description / Buy at
Muslin Mystery (By:Vera Dodge)(2010)Description / Buy at
Timeless Treasures (By: Cara C. Putman)(2010)Description / Buy at
Homespun Holidays (By: Kelly Ann Riley)(2010)Description / Buy at
Pieces of the Past (By: Susan Page Davis)(2010)Description / Buy at
Threads of Truth (By: Kristin Eckhardt)(2010)Description / Buy at
Secret in the Stitches (By: Jo Ann Brown)(2010)Description / Buy at
Bound in Love (By: Camy Tang)(2010)Description / Buy at
Yesterday's Secrets (By: Kelly Ann Riley)(2010)Description / Buy at
Squared Away (By: Cara C. Putman)(2011)Description / Buy at
Mystery on the Midway (By:Vera Dodge)(2011)Description / Buy at
A Quilt of Memories (By: Kristin Eckhardt)(2011)Description / Buy at
The House on Lookout Mountain (By: Jo Ann Brown)(2011)Description / Buy at
To Have And To Hide (By: Camy Tang)(2011)Description / Buy at
Nothing To Hide (By: Susan Page Davis)(2011)Description / Buy at
The Christmas Quilt (By: Kelly Ann Riley)(2011)Description / Buy at
Torn in Two (By: Kristin Eckhardt)(2011)Description / Buy at
Secrets in the Storm (By: Susan Page Davis)(2011)Description / Buy at
The Price of Truth (By: Camy Tang)(2011)Description / Buy at
A Mother's Love (By: Kelly Ann Riley)(2012)Description / Buy at
The Calico Trail (By: Kristin Eckhardt)(2012)Description / Buy at
The Thousand Stories Quilt (By: Jo Ann Brown)(2012)Description / Buy at
As Close As My Heart (By: Camy Tang)(2012)Description / Buy at
A Spot of Trouble (By: Kelly Ann Riley)(2013)Description / Buy at
Threads of Love (By: Susan Page Davis)(2013)Description / Buy at
Something Borrowed (By: Camy Tang)(2013)Description / Buy at

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  1. Nancy: 9 years ago

    I totally thoroughly enjoy this series of the Patchwork Mysteries, I have read Family Patterns and Time To Share and am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I had ordered the Time To Share online and prepaid but I have received two copies with a charge of one of them. I need to send one of them back. I emailed but have not received a reply on how to return the extra copy and credit. Thank you and I am ordering the next series.


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