Preacher's Law by Dean L McElwain
Preacher’s Law is a series of western novels by Dean L. McElwain and Barry Myers. The series follows the adventures of J.D. Preacher, a man who is always on the trail of vengeance.

The Preacher’s Law series began in 1987 with the novel Widow Maker by Dean L. McElwain. McElwain wrote the first five novels of the series, while the last two were written by Barry Myers. In reality, McElwain was a house name that was used by authors like David Robbins. The series concluded in 1989 with the seventh novel of the series, Raiders. Below is a list of Dean L. McElwain and Barry Myers’ books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Preacher's Law Books

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Preacher’s Law Synopsis: Widow Maker by Dean L. McElwain is set following the War Between The States. Jeremy Preacher returned home to find his plantation burned down, his parents killed and sister raped and attacked. The culprits were Quantrill’s Raiders, who were once led by Preacher’s own brother. They thought they were safe from the law, but are they safe from Preacher’s Law?

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