The Presidential Agent series is W.E.B. Griffin‘s first new series in more than a decade. Unlike many of his series, the Presidential Agent series is set in present-day and it focuses it on contemporary counterterrorism (post-9/11). As of The Outlaws, the series is being co-authored with Griffin’s son William E. Butterworth IV.

The series begun in 2005 with By Order of the President. It’s continued with a new book every year and has quickly proven to be one of Griffin’s most popular series. Below is the order of the Presidential Agent series by when the books were published:

Publication Order of Presidential Agent Books

Note: The Presidential Agent series has been co-authored by William E. Butterworth IV starting with The Outlaws.

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Presidential Agent Synopsis: By Order of the President is the first book of W.E.B. Griffin’s Presidential Agent series. Somalian terrorists have hijacked a jet and it seems as if they are planning on turning it into a bomb to attack the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

The Hostage is the second book of the Presidential Agent novel series. Charley Castillo is baffled by the murder of an American diplomat in Argentina. To make matters worse, his wife has been kidnapped and Secret Service agents are being attacked.

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  1. La Joyce doran: 2 years ago

    I have read the blurb on Amazon about Rogue Assets and there is a Pick McCoy mentioned. Is he the grandson of Ken McCoy of The Corps Series since Ken’s son, Pick, was born during the Korean Conflict, I do believe he would be a little long in the tooth to be used in a Presidential Agent mission.


  2. La Joyce Doran: 4 years ago

    Forget I asked about another Presidential Agent book. I just completed the series and 1 through 7 were good; 8 was good until the end and it did complete to series and the writing was good even if a little on the comic side. At first I thought it was farcical but in the true Farce Genre it was not.


  3. La Joyce Doran: 4 years ago

    Because I have found no new Presidential Agent books I am rereading the series. I love these books. Is the son going to write another in the series? I surely do hope he will.


  4. Lady Ann: 10 years ago

    When is the next “President Agent” book coming out? Hurry, I love this series>


  5. Southerbella: 10 years ago

    Will there be a new book soon?


    • Brandon: 10 years ago

      The series seems to be on a pace of about one book every other year (which would mean 2015), but that is just a guess.


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