Samantha Sweet by Connie Shelton
The Samantha Sweet Mysteries is a series of paranormal/cozy mystery novels by American author Connie Shelton. While working at a job where she was breaking into houses, Samantha Sweet finds a wooden box that has magical powers that allows her to see through people’s secrets and find out the truth.

Connie Shelton started her Samantha Sweet series in 2010 with the novel Sweet Masterpiece. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Connie Shelton’s Samantha Sweet Mysteries books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Samantha Sweet Books

Sweet Masterpiece (2010) |
Sweet's Sweets (2011) |
Sweet Holidays (2011) |
Sweet Hearts (2012) |
Bitter Sweet (2012) |
Sweets Galore (2013) |
Sweets, Begorra (2013) |
Sweet Payback (2014) |
Sweet Somethings (2014) |
Sweets Forgotten (2015) |
The Woodcarver's Secret (2015) |
Spooky Sweet (2016) |
Spellbound Sweets (2017) |
Sticky Sweet (2018) |
Sweet Magic (2019) |

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Samantha Sweet Mysteries Synopses: Sweet Masterpiece is the first Samantha Sweet Mystery by Connie Shelton. For a living, Samantha Sweet breaks into houses, and often finds things that will start up some trouble. She finds an unmarked grave near Taos, New Mexico and decides to let the police know about it even though she doesn’t want to deal with a murder investigation.

Sweet’s Sweets is the second book in Connie Shelton’s Samantha Sweet series. Samantha is opening a pastry shop called Sweet’s Sweets and has her hands full. A blood-soaked garment is found discarded at one of her locations and a friend makes a big confession to her, so Samantha uses her magic box to find out the truth of who the killer is.

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