Sarah Booth Delaney is the protagonist in a series of cozy mystery novels by American novelist Carolyn Haines. Sarah is a single thirty-something who works as a private investigator in Zinnia, Mississippi. Meanwhile, she also juggles an acting career, handsome men and a bossy antebellum ghost.

The Sarah Booth Delaney series began with Them Bones, published in 1999. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Carolyn Haines’ Sarah Booth Delaney books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Sarah Booth Delaney Books

Them Bones(1999)Description / Buy at
Buried Bones(2000)Description / Buy at
Splintered Bones(2002)Description / Buy at
Crossed Bones(2003)Description / Buy at
Hallowed Bones(2004)Description / Buy at
Bones To Pick(2005)Description / Buy at
Ham Bones(2007)Description / Buy at
Wishbones(2008)Description / Buy at
Greedy Bones(2009)Description / Buy at
Bone Appétit(2010)Description / Buy at
Bones of a Feather(2011)Description / Buy at
Bonefire of the Vanities(2012)Description / Buy at
Smarty Bones(2013)Description / Buy at
Shorty Bones(2014)Description / Buy at
Booty Bones(2014)Description / Buy at
Bones on the Bayou(2015)Description / Buy at
Bone to Be Wild(2015)Description / Buy at
Jingle Bones(2015)Description / Buy at
Guru Bones(2015)Description / Buy at
Rock-a-Bye Bones(2016)Description / Buy at
Sticks and Bones(2017)Description / Buy at
Bones and Arrows(2017)Description / Buy at
Charmed Bones(2018)Description / Buy at
A Gift of Bones(2018)Description / Buy at
Clacking Bones(2018)Description / Buy at
Game of Bones(2019)Description / Buy at
Enchanted Bones(2020)Description / Buy at
The Devil's Bones(2020)Description / Buy at
A Garland of Bones(2020)Description / Buy at
Independent Bones(2021)Description / Buy at
Lady of Bones(2022)Description / Buy at
Bones of Holly(2022)Description / Buy at
Tell-Tale Bones(2023)Description / Buy at
Lights, Camera, Bones(2024)Description / Buy at
Blue Christmas Bones(2024)Description / Buy at

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  1. Kim Bishop: 9 years ago

    Why can I not get all the books in Audible? I’m on Crossed Bones and I listen to them in the car. Very saddened by this


  2. Paulette Glover Faulkner: 10 years ago

    I love Sarah Delaney Booth Books by Carolyn Haines. Her main character Sarah Booth has so many realistic qualities. The books are full of her friends and lots of bad guys and mystery to solve.


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