The Secret Circle is a series of YA horror/fantasy/romance novels by American author L.J. Smith and later by Aubrey Clark. The series focuses on twelve teenage witches who form a secret coven called “The Secret Circle.” The main character is a beautiful and mild-mannered 16 year-old girl named Cassie Blake who moves to New England with her mother and soon discovers her family’s history of magic. The series was adapted into a television drama that aired for one season on The CW.

The Secret Circle series was originally a trilogy written in 1992, starting with The Initiation and ending with The Captive. The series was re-launched in 2012 with The Divide and concludes in 2013 with The Temptation. Below is a list of L.J. Smith’s Secret Circle books in order of when they were originally released (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of The Secret Circle Books

Note: Starting with The Divide, the series is written by Aubrey Clark.

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