Serrano Legacy by Elizabeth Moon
The Serrano Legacy is a series of sci-fi/space opera novels by American novelist Elizabeth Moon. The series is also known as the Familias Regnant series.

Elizabeth Moon began her Serrano Legacy/Familias Regnant series in 1993 with the novel Hunting Party. The series is lasted seven novels, concluding in 2000 with the novel Against the Odds. Below is a list of Elizabeth Moon’s Serrano Legacy books in order of when they were first published (which is also their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Serrano Legacy Books

Hunting Party(1993)Description / Buy at
Sporting Chance(1994)Description / Buy at
Winning Colors(1995)Description / Buy at
Once a Hero(1997)Description / Buy at
Rules of Engagement(1998)Description / Buy at
Change of Command(1999)Description / Buy at
Against the Odds(2000)Description / Buy at

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Serrano Legacy Synopses: Hunting Party is the first novel in the Serrano Legacy series by Elizabeth Moon. Herris Serrano is forced to resign from her post in an unfavourable manner and then takes a job as captain of a insterstellar luxury yacht, having to fight criminal types such as smugglers.

Book 2 in the Serrano Legacy series is Sporting Chance by Elizabeth Moon. Prince Gerel is the heir to the throne, but Lady Cecelia and Heris Serrano soon begin to suspect that there’s something off about Gerel.

In Winning Colors by Elizabeth Moon (book 3 of the Serrano Legacy), Heir Serrano is looking to fix her reputation by stopping the mafia from invading the galaxy.

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