Tales of the Shareem by Allyson James Jennifer Ashley
Tales of the Shareem is a series of erotic/paranormal romance by American author Allyson James (Jennifer Ashley). The series follows the different Shareems, who are (mostly) men who have been genetically altered to be the masters of pleasure. The books each follow one or two different Shareems, including Rees, Maia (the only female Shareem to be created), Rylan, Rio, Aiden, Ky, Calder, Braden and Justin. There are three levels of Shareem with the top level being “the ultimate barbarian.”

Allyson James started her Tales of the Shareem series in 2005 with the novel Rees. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Allyson James’ Tales of the Shareem books in order of when they were first published (as well as in chronological order):

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Publication Order of Tales Of The Shareem Books

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Tales of the Shareem Synopsis: Maia and Rylan by Allyson James is a 12,000 word short story. Rylan is a level-two Shareem (out of three). Rylan is forbidden from seeing the only female Shareem, Maia, but finds a way on how to meet her and teach her everything he knows. But when she vanishes, he is heartbroken and will do anything to see her again.

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