Travis McGee is a creation of prolific American novelist John D. MacDonald. McGee is not a cop or a private investigator, but rather a professional salvage consultant who finds other people’s property when he runs low on spare cash. He considers himself a beach bum and lives on a houseboat in Fort Lauderdale.

The Travis McGee series was started in 1964 with The Deep Blue Good-by and spanned 21 novels up until The Lonely Silver Rain in 1985. A theme of the novels is that each book has a colour in the title. The series ended due to MacDonald’s death, preventing any finality to the series. Below is the order in which the Travis McGee books were released (also the chronological order):

Publication Order of Travis McGee Books

The Deep Blue Good-By(1964)Description / Buy at
Nightmare in Pink(1964)Description / Buy at
A Purple Place for Dying(1964)Description / Buy at
The Quick Red Fox(1964)Description / Buy at
A Deadly Shade of Gold(1965)Description / Buy at
Bright Orange for the Shroud(1965)Description / Buy at
Darker Than Amber(1966)Description / Buy at
One Fearful Yellow Eye(1966)Description / Buy at
Pale Gray for Guilt(1968)Description / Buy at
The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper(1968)Description / Buy at
Dress Her in Indigo(1969)Description / Buy at
The Long Lavender Look(1970)Description / Buy at
A Tan and Sandy Silence(1971)Description / Buy at
The Scarlet Ruse(1972)Description / Buy at
The Turquoise Lament(1973)Description / Buy at
The Dreadful Lemon Sky(1974)Description / Buy at
The Empty Copper Sea(1978)Description / Buy at
The Green Ripper(1979)Description / Buy at
Free Fall in Crimson(1981)Description / Buy at
Cinnamon Skin(1982)Description / Buy at
The Lonely Silver Rain(1984)Description / Buy at

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Travis McGee Synopses: The Deep Blue Good-by is the introduction of the Travis McGee character, created by John D. MacDonald. Travis McGee has good intentions, even if he isn’t perfect.

In the third book of the Travis McGee series, A Purple Place for Dying, Travis becomes a witness to the death of a wife who is trying to gain ownership of her husband’s estate.

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  1. LCrenshaw: 2 years ago

    I am reading all of the Travis McGee novels in order, I am down to the last 2. My Dad turned me on to Travis McGee and I have loved them since I was 16. I have read them all several times, but I love reading them in order.
    I wish John D MacDonald was still here cranking them out!


  2. Linda5ponce: 12 years ago

    I want to buy the whole set how do i do that with out buying one at a time please respond it’s a gift for somebody


    • Dan_Malone: 12 years ago

      There’s this option: Here to get 5 of them and also this option.


    • Rwheelock: 11 years ago

      I have all 21 TM books. A friend is reading them while he is in Florida and they will be available on March 1, 2013 if you still are looking.


  3. Brando: 12 years ago

    Travis McGee is one of my favourite series of all time! I think I’ve read most of the series at least two times.


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