World Of Hetar by Bertrice Small
World of Hetar is a series of historical/fantasy romance novels by American author Bertrice Small. The World of Hetar is a world of Forest Lords, Shadow Princes and Coastal Kings. Social classes exist, but advancement is possible. And best of all, pleasure is encouraged. The main character of the series is a half-faerie/half-human named Lara.

Bertrice Small began her World of Hetar series in 2005 with the novel Lara. The series lasted six novels, concluding in 2010 with the novel Crown of Destiny. Below is a list of Bertrice Small’s World of Hetar books in order of when they were first published (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of World of Hetar Books

Lara(2005)Description / Buy at
A Distant Tomorrow(2006)Description / Buy at
The Twilight Lord(2007)Description / Buy at
The Sorceress of Belmair(2008)Description / Buy at
The Shadow Queen(2009)Description / Buy at
Crown of Destiny(2010)Description / Buy at

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World of Hetar Synopsis: Lara by Bertrice Small is the first book in the World of Hetar series. Lara is a half-faerie, half-human whose blessing is also her curse. She has been sold into a Pleasure House by her own father and has accepted that she will spend the rest of her life as a slave, but her suitors find her to be too beautiful. She escapes and finds a new life with a man who helps her find out what her destiny is. She will go to the depths of desire and despair to find a love that will last forever and change Hetar in the process.

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