Written by Ella Thomson on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Zerofractal Studios and Random House Publishing have announced the release of their latest Augmented Reality app. The app features Dean Koontz‘ latest novel Odd Apocalypse (the newest in the Odd Thomas series), presenting an innovative new way to see book cover art.

You can point your device (iPhone, iPad, Android or Desktop) at the book’s cover and the application will transform it into a portal with organic character animation and digital smoke.

“We were very excited to work with Random House and Dean Koontz,” said Paul Kuhne, founder of Zerofractal. “From the beginning we were very confident that we could deliver this Augmented Reality solution, since we had the experience from previous projects. The only thing was that this time it needed to track an image and not just a black and white square like regular AR markers. The second challenge was to integrate it into the existing Dean Koontz app created by Mobile Roadie. Thankfully, we managed to get everything done in an exceptionally short period of time.”

“What we created is really revolutionary here,” said Alex Shabetayev, project manager at Zerofractal Studios. “This type of AR solution, where content can be created in Unity3D and be built for iOS, Android and Flash has never been done before. We worked with experts in the field from all over the world including England, New Zealand, Japan and Austria; it really was a global effort. We are very pleased with the final results. The AR is superb on all iOS and Android devices and the Flash version works amazingly. We are looking forward for more projects like this.”

The apps are already available and can be downloaded from the links below:

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