Odd Thomas is a series of thriller novels by prolific American author Dean Koontz featuring the title character. Odd Thomas is a twenty year-old fry cook and talented writer from California who can converse with the dead.

Dean Koontz began the Odd Thomas book series in 2003 with the title novel, Odd Thomas. Below is a list of the books in the Odd Thomas series in order:

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Publication Order of Odd Thomas Books

Publication Order of Odd Thomas Graphic Novels Books

In Odd We Trust(2008)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Odd Is on Our Side(2010)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
House of Odd(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Notes: The graphic novel In Odd We Trust was co-authored with Queenie Chan. The graphic novel Odd is On Our Side is co-authored by Fred Van Lente. House of Odd is co-authored by Landry Q. Walker.

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Odd Thomas Synopsis: Odd Thomas is the first book of the Odd Thomas series. The main character is appropriately enough named Odd Thomas. Odd is 20 and works as a fry cook in the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California. He is able to see and communicate with ghosts. Odd’s extra-sensory abilities will lead him to the Fungus Man and when Odd breaks into his house, he finds that the Fungus Man has a room dedicated to serial killers! He also finds a calendar that reveals the date of an event. Can Odd put a stop to this plot in time?

Forever Odd by Dean Koontz is book 2 in the series. Odd Thomas never wanted his unique ability to see dead people. In the tiny desert town of Pico Mundo, he is just a regular guy who is trying to live a quiet life. But he has won hearts on both sides of the divide between life and death because he feels obligated to treat his otherworldly confidants well. However, when a childhood friend goes missing, Odd discovers something far more sinister than a body and begins a heart-stopping battle of will and wits with a foe of extraordinary cunning. There will be no innocent bystanders in the hours to come, and every sacrifice can tip the balance between hope and despair.

Brother Odd by Dean Koontz is the third book in the Odd Thomas series. “Loop me in, odd one,” The young man who is keeping an eye on her is chilled by the words, spoken by a sleeping child in the dark. His lost love, Stormy Llewellyn, had a favorite saying like this. Odd Thomas is being pursued by spirits of an infinitely more sinister nature in the spooky halls of the remote monastery where he had sought tranquility.

In Odd Hours by Dean Koontz (book 4 in the Odd Thomas series), Odd is drawn onward, to a destiny he cannot imagine. Haunted by dreams of an all-encompassing red tide, Odd is pulled inexorably to the sea, to a small California coastal town where nothing is as it seems. Odd is compelled inexorably to the sea, to a small California coastal town where nothing is as it seems, haunted by dreams of an all-encompassing red tide.

Odd Thomas Book Reviews:

Everyone should see themselves in Odd Thomas. He’s an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life. Mr. Koontz does a great job of tale weaving, always bringing favorite bits and pieces from past adventures, along for the ride. – By Sue C.

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10 Responses to “Order of Odd Thomas Books”

  1. Brenda Oakley Lumpp: 8 years ago

    Odd Thomas does not “converse” with the dead..he sees them.


  2. D. Ernst: 9 years ago

    Okay, people screw up so what! No one is perfect. I think the Odd Thomas books are some of the best entertainment I have read. However the Movie was the absolute worst ever. I envisioned the effort to be on a similar level as some of Kings book to movies, BUT NO! They used characters that did not even resemble what I OR ANY PEOPLE I HAVE TALKED TO, expected. There are major characters left out and major parts of the books experience left out. The actors are no good and even the vehicles were wrong. This was not creative editing it was a stories’ murder by morons!


    • James Scott: 9 years ago

      You must have seen some other movie, which I saw first and then read the novel. I was frankly amazed at how faithful to the book the director was, except, of course, we didn’t see Ghost Elvis in the movie, and I was VERY happy with the casting.


  3. Ted Reisner: 10 years ago

    Several months ago, I made the Big mistake of reading a couple of Dean Koontz Odd Thomas books. As with W.E.B. Griffin books, I got to have the whole series, but in Kindle for my Tablet, PC and/or Laptop since I’m running out of room for paper versions.


  4. OldUncleDave: 10 years ago

    Not only is Stormy not the Chief of Police, but three people know Odd’s secret (in the first book). Very poor synopsis of the first book in a very good series. . I am eagerly awaiting the final installment, Saint Odd, due out in December.


  5. Kathleen: 11 years ago

    Odd’s girlfriend is not (was not) the chief of police in Pico Mundo or anywhere else! I can’t believe I came to your website seeking some accurate information and you screw up something as basic as that!


    • Brandon: 11 years ago

      Thanks for the correction!


      • lostsmitty: 9 years ago

        This was brought to you attention two year ago, so why hasn’t the synopsis been updated?


        • Brandon: 9 years ago

          It was either an oversight or I had corrected it and it didn’t save. I have fixed it now. I apologize for the error.


  6. Dwntown04: 12 years ago

    what about the two prequels? and odd apocalypse?


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