Written by Brandon Williams on Friday, January 11th, 2013

Eoin Colfer will be the first of 11 authors to write a new Doctor Who story.

Colfer is a former teacher and the author of the Artemis Fowl YA series. He also wrote a Hitchhiker’s Guide novel following the death of author Douglas Adams.

The Doctor Who shorts will be published each month from January until November. Eoin’s will be titled A Big Hand for the Doctor, published January 23rd. It will featured the first Doctor (William Hartnell’s character) from the original series in 1963.

“When I started reading the ‘Doctor Who’ books we didn’t have BBC TV at home in Wexford but, when I eventually saw it, the Doctor was exactly as I had imagined him,” said Colfer.

“The original character was more of a curmudgeon and less of a quirky adventurer than the more recent Doctor Whos and I’m going back to that in the story. The original was a sort of Scrooge in Space. Also, my last book is set in Victorian times so that helped in setting this story in 1900s London.” The Doctor Who Colfer best remembers as a child, when they eventually got BBC TV in Wexford, was Jon Pertwee, who played the doctor from 1970-74.

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