Written by Ella Thomson on Saturday, October 13th, 2012

With 29 novels now under her belt, Jackie Collins is no stranger to sex in fiction. However, Jackie thinks E.L. James has gone a little too far.

“Sex should be fun and equal and erotic,” Jackie says. “It’s not about getting tied up and spanked. My women are not submissive. They’re strong.”

However, she will stop short at bashing Fifty Shades

“She’s sold a shitload of books,” Jackie notes, who knows a few things about selling books.

“It’s so successful that if I criticise it, I’ll be criticised. I’m being very diplomatic.”

Today, Jackie lives in Hollywood, although she still misses England.

“I miss the humour that you don’t get in Hollywood, Marks & Spencer and the taxi drivers,” she says.

“We’re this teeny little place and yet we’re so important. I love being a Londoner, even after all those years in LA.”

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