Written by Brandon Williams on Friday, July 6th, 2012

Kathy Reichs may be best known for her Tempe Brennan series, which is the basis for the Fox TV series Bones, but she has another series quickly gaining popularity with the YA crowd.

Code is the next book in Kathy’s Tory Brennan series and while it’s not set to hit shelves till March 7th, 2013, we have an excerpt from the novel to whet your appetite along with an image of the cover.

The excerpt from Code is below:

“There was a rumble, followed by a series of booms. I turned to see dust billowing from every window.

“Holy crap!” Shelton panted. “Did Hi blow up the castle?”

“No.” Ben’s voice was tight as he peered back at the fortress. “The walls are still standing. Something else must’ve happened.”

“Good God.” Hi’s voice shook as he pointed the opposite direction. “Look.”

My gaze followed Hi’s finger. Across the harbor. Downtown.

A pillar of smoke was rising from Battery Park. Below it, trees were burning like torches soaked in pitch. As I stared in horror, sirens began to wail.

“You don’t think…” Hi trailed off.

No one responded.

But I knew. My gaze dropped to the iPad, waiting.

In moments a new message appeared onscreen: Understand?

Two options took shape below the question: a white circle with gold writing, and a black square lettered in red.

The white circle read: “Yes. Time to play The Game.”

The black square read: “No. I need another demonstration.”

The image of a stopwatch formed. Began counting down from ten.

A hollow feeling welled in my gut.

Nine. Eight. Seven…

“Guys,” I whispered, “I don’t think this is a joke.”

I held up the iPad.

Six. Five. Four…

Hi paled. Shelton swallowed. Ben clenched his fists.

The Gamemaster’s warning flashed in my mind.

Accept my challenge and complete The Game, or innocents will die.

“We have no choice,” I said quietly.

The boys nodded.

Three. Two…

Feeling helpless, I pressed the white button…

We’d become pawns in a madman’s game.”

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